The Future of Infographics for Education

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How to Make Infographics with Powerpoint

Infographics work because people like looking at them. They are easy to understand and contain information that your audience needs. Your email address will not be published. Subscribe to Podcast.

Infographic. Graphic visual representations of data for fast and easy comprehension. Follow Infographic Following Infographic Unfollow Infographic. Jot Down.

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Wi-Fi Guide for Parents [Infographic]

Shivani Gopal. August 24, Career. Have you ever wondered why people have so much trouble achieving their goals?

Infographic showing mathematic prediction for the World Cup. Published in Wired UK, June Issue. Data devised by Simon Kuper and Stefan Szymanski.

So what is an infographic, anyway? At its most basic, an infographic combines data and pictures to communicate an idea. Using color, type, layout, text, icons and numbers to visualize data, infographics create a unique kind of narrative by organizing information to suggest a story with a beginning, middle and end. Because infographics help us find patterns, spot trends and comprehend complex data easier, they turn information into insight.

In the process, infographics have become their own design trend as publishers attempt to transform raw statistics into visualizations that are meaningful and memorable. I actually spend a lot of my day talking clients out of infographics. You have to make the ends of the spectrum clear. Being honest means developing a visual design that suits the data as well as entices the eye.

75+ New Creative Infographic Examples & Templates

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10 reasons Why Infographics Work for VAs

In the presidential election, the race between Al Gore and George W. Bush was so razor close that broadcasters pored over electoral college maps—which they typically colored red and blue. America became divided into two colors—data spun into pure metaphor.

The Easelly team did some research and created an infographic put a dent in your wallet — from average spend on dating sites and apps to saying “I do! Humans are wired to seek connection with others and building a.

Remember when you were a student in high school and had textbooks with hundreds of pages of information? Do you recall how daunting it felt to have to read that information every day in class? Below we have collected over 75 of our favorite infographics just for you. Every designer has a unique design process that they follow. What really stuck out to me in this infographic example is how they used circles to show how long each step usually takes.

This gives the infographic a ton of extra content, without having to spell it out to the reader.

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Give readers an instant understanding of complex data and tell the stories that lie hidden beneath the surface. WIRED reaches more than 30 million people every month through print and various online channels. We regularly design data visualizations to support storytelling or as stand-alone informational pieces for the popular and groundbreaking technology magazine. Based on a variety of data sets, the visualizations help readers understand complex stories, enabling them to investigate the data themselves and form their own opinion.

Two of these, one concerning the performance of US hospitals, the other illustrating carbon emissions in the city of Indianapolis, were designed by us.

Creative infographics make dry information engaging and easy to skim. Sometimes the information for each date on your timeline isn’t exactly the This infographic has you visually wired and does a great job at convincing.

In this assessment task, students demonstrate their ability to distinguish between different types of networks and defined purposes. Throughout the lesson sequence, students keep and maintain a reflection log with key content to inform the development of an infographic. Collected reflection notes through the unit learning tasks – use a simple table format with example entries :. Ideally kept in Class OneNote or similar; otherwise handwritten or locally stored school-based document is suitable.

Using an appropriate program Adobe Illustrator, Infogram, or Canva , students will develop an infographic detailing the differences between wired and wireless networks at home, school and at public places such as council parks, McDonalds etc. Students draw on their own research through reflection notes and investigate the networks they commonly use. Students should note the differences in bandwidth, access and security between networks.

The infographic should have significant information presented in a visually appealing way; although the design elements themselves are not assessable. See the infographic below for an example or download it here as a. Students have articulated the main differences between networks at home, school and public. They have noted security concerns. At the beginning of the unit, students should set up their reflection table and include headings.

As they move through the unit, encourage students to update and review the table, adding new definitions and sources as they come across them.

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