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Based on characters from Fairy Tail property of Hiro Mashima. He had girlfriends for sure but they were more like groupies that he slept with and they were usually gone within a week. He was dumbfounded on what she meant. We hang out all the time. Hell you are almost living here already. Levy rolled her eyes. Gajeel sat up and looked at her. Levy nodded smiling.

Fairy Tail trash — When did Lucy fall in love with Natsu?

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As much as he adored Lucy, he couldn’t help but feel furious with her right now. Loke frowned at his tone; Gray’s hesitation to continue most likely meant that Because she was on a date with someone other than him.

Mira was also shocked at the sudden news but she knows that it was just a fake news. I greeted him and we talked for a little bit before Natsu and Gray went at it leaving Juvia and I to talk. He was fucking focused to getting her back with no hesitation. However, Juvia refuses after seeing his many layers of clothing and tells him to call her again when he is wearing less clothes.

Fairy Tail’s final season has put the Fairy Tail guild through dire straits as they are facing off against the immense strength of the Alvarez Empire. They reveal how Juvia tried to keep Gray away, yet the foolish boy didn’t and look. These three years changed Gray and Juvia’s appearances but the love for them never faded away in fact, it saw new things and phases.

Lucy after finding out her connection to the Alliance and what she is to them. From now on, Juvia will learn to control her powA drunk Gray rejects Juvia, breaking her heart. He ignores her for about a year and Juvia has about had it.

Gruvia fanfic: the first date

The relieved smile that crossed Lucy’s lips made Levy’s heart soar and she realized how much pain Lucy must be in to have been so down at the thought of bringing such news to Natsu. She could empathize, she couldn’t imagine saying the same thing to Gajeel, although he would likely act like he couldn’t be bothered… Even as these thoughts ran through her head, Cancer stepped back with a satisfied snip of his scissors.

He had left half of her hair down in a style similar to what she used to wear, but had curled it, leaving it to flow down her back in loose waves. The rest was piled on top of the back of her head in loose curls. Ringlets framed her face while her bangs swept across her forehead. Cancer had done her makeup first, and while it was subtle — her lips shone a soft pink and her eyes were lined and covered with a delicate layer of color, drawing attention to their wide and innocent depths.

GrayLu (グレルー Gureruu) is a fanon pair between Fairy Tail Mages, Gray Fullbuster and Lucy.

Lots of kissing…. I would really wear this coz you bought this for me and I love it…” as Lucy cheerfully said to him. Then Gray grab Lucy’s wrist and drag her to the huge cabin that the guild rented, and as they are inside of it, he embrace Lucy. So Babe, would this cool you down? That’s cold Gray! You don’t like it? He’s our friend and you are my boyfriend”. Then Gray leave light kisses around Lucy’s neck and as he kissed Lucy’s lips and nibbled her lower lip. He also glides his cold hands on Lucy’s back and waist.

Lucy’s face were flushed red on what Gray just said.. Suddenly Erza opened the door and ask them what are they doing, the couple let go of each other’s embrace and was nervous, scared and shock to see the feisty Erza barge in the door.

Lucy and gray dating fanfic

Much like some kind of airborne super-virus, no one at Grey Sloan Memorial is safe. Surgeons, nurses, paramedics, and patients have all fallen victim to this contagious disease. No matter how much hand sanitizer you use, love will find you. It has to be more than just hooking up sorry Callie and Mark and Cristina and Shane , and we have to see some of their relationship play out Cristina and Dr.

Marlow and Jo and Paul Stadler are out. Yay, love!

His love for Lucy was unwavering. Also, he had time. They were all still young. Just because Gray and Lucy were dating didn’t mean that they were getting.

Toaster Training G Summary: A drabble with Nashi, based off of a hc that Natsu makes toast by heating up a piece of bread between his hands and has Nashi train by doing that. Thankfully, Lucy remembers a spell that Wendy told her about that could bring Igneel back to life for just one night. Be My Valentine? While Happy is debating on whether or not he should accept chocolates from Touka or Carla, Lucy is debating on whether or not she should give Natsu the ones she bought for him.

Will Lucy finally be able to tell Natsu how she feels, and will he be able to understand and tell her that he feels the same? Hoppy White Day! But once he runs into a little friend that points him in the right direction, everything falls into place. And Natsu discovers something about his feelings while worrying for his girl. Coming back to you G Summary: Drabble based on the cover for chapter 63 of the year quest. Lucy finds Natsu after he defeats Aldoron and they have a heartfelt conversation about her worries.

But thankfully, someone who can help her out decided to make themselves at home in her apartment. Turns out having kids is a blessing and a curse. But doing that is becoming quite a problem because Natsu keeps getting kicked out of restaurants for starting fights with people. So Lucy gives him an ultimatum.

Blind date.

Register – Forgot Password. By creating an account, you verify that you are at least 13 years of age, and have read and agree to the Comicbook. If there is one thing Fairy Tail fans cannot stand, it is an open ending. Over the years, the series left followers with more questions than answers, but its final chapter managed to address many of them.

Still, one huge hole was left open, leaving fans to agonize over the state of their favorite ship. Now, Hiro Mashima is trying to put those fans at ease.

“Not now, Lucy,” Gray mumbled, carefully emptying another pail full of sand That frustrating moment when you want there to be more GrayLu fanfics and He’s always been quite the hunk, but the furthest he gets is a third date or third base.

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Naruto is secretly dating sasuke fanfiction

She looked uncomfortable slumped over the desk like that. He took note of her almost inaudible snores, the pen clutched loosely in her hand, the pile of papers her cheek was currently resting against, and concluded that she must have fallen asleep writing her novel. Typical Lucy , he thought with a fond smile, striding purposefully towards his slumbering master.

If there is one thing Fairy Tail fans cannot stand, it is an open ending. Over the years, the series left followers with more questions than answers.

Bad Season – There is a certain season for each Dragon Slayer. Each one comes at a different time. For Natsu, it comes early. His dark side is awakened in his hunt to find his mate, A. She tries to escape, but in the end, will the animal in him win? Third Times the Charm – How many times does it take to get Lucy to believe him? Luckily for Natsu, it only takes him three.

Three grueling, heart-breaking times. Owning You – After a battle with a dark mage, Natsu is forced into heat. How will the rest cope up with a dragon slayer who wants nothing to do but claim his mate? Dragon slayers too have their animalistic side. To make matters worse, her and Natsu seem to have crossed over the line of friends. Confused and hurt, Lucy goes on a quest to clear her mind, with Natsu hot on her trail.

Because the first time they made love, it was all she could smell when she fell asleep in his arms…

Operation Get the Girl Chapter 6

Funny enough, I had this idea for a while before I saw the prompts :. He met Lucy, who was also on vacation with her parents, down on the beach the first day and they had been hanging out ever since. Well, it was more like Lucy tagged along with Gray wherever he went.

Fairy tail fanfiction natsu and lucy secretly dating. No matter how tightly you Gray comforts her and she realizes that she had fallen for him. With threats of Zeref.

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Fairy tail story (graylu) part 1

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