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She sounds annoying, but to millions of women in their 20s, she was the diminutive embodiment of our inner angst : about how to be a grown up when we felt like children; how to function single when every indication from the universe told us to couple up. Time magazine tagged her as one of the death knells of feminism, which seems harsh. But she sure was hung up on those boys. Well, one in particular. They all got to shine, but it was the neurotic McBeal — who could barely keep her mind on the job, so busy was she swinging from the cubicles in the same-sex bathrooms and dancing away her cares about fertility — who really owned this show.

Hallucinations, dance routines, dream sequences, everything was possible. A show willing to portray humans as pleasingly flawed and prone to bad decisions, but somehow celebrating that, rather than passing judgment. Game over. Kelley tried repeatedly to reintroduce romantic tension into her life, first with Robert Downey Jr as Larry Paul. Although he was charming and cute and every bit as quirky as the legal pixie, he committed the unforgivable sin of recruiting Sting to sing Every Breath You Take to her during one of her many visits to the piano bar near work where such things were commonplace.

The show fizzled after five seasons when it should have kablooey-ed loudly and proudly after three.

Kat Hernandez

Story Story Writer Forum Community. Pairing Plus Filters. Cancel Apply Thunder and Lightning by Apprentice08 reviews The rumble of thunder and the flash of lightning draws Kathleen from her bed, the hope of taking some beautiful pictures on her mind.

Kat said sipping on her chocolate shake. As Kat walked down the front stairs of Friendship High School (the most The Midnight Game A Casper Fanfiction Date of Birth (& age): 21th March (56 years old; resurrected in ).

This is my first story about Casper, please enjoy rate and comment. Hope you all like it. In a mansion there lived a friendly spirit, Casper the friendly ghost to be exact. He was the friendliest ghost you’d ever meet. But this spirit wasn’t at all happy; he was in fact very disappointed with life at that moment. In his mansion a young girl named Kat and her father moved in at first to exorcise the mansion, instead befriended the spirits they were trying to rid of and now enjoyed their life there.

Casper was deeply in love with the girl, they were best friends and although he was dead and his body long since cold, he had warmth in his un-beating heart every time he was near her. Not too long ago her mother Amelia had given him time as a living, breathing human to dance with Kat. It was because of this that Casper was able to have his first kiss with his love only to scare everyone from the room moments later when he became a ghost again.

That had been a month ago now and how he spent his days when Kat was at school wishing he was human again…’I wonder if she liked how I looked…’ he thought to himself as he put her clothes away in her room. Casper was quite a handsome young man just; his ghostly image now didn’t at all represent what he once had. It was pm and he rushed down the ceiling to the entry way to wait for Kat.

Kat Hernandez

Disclaimer: I don’t own any of the characters, situations, locations, etc. I also don’t own the movie this is based off of. If I did, it would’ve ended slightly differently. So, I searched for a story where I liked the ending and couldn’t find one… this story ruined my sleep schedule. I hope you like it. Stretch, Stinkie, and Fatso flew into the room and started playing a song about Casper that they had made up on the spot.

Katherine Hernandez, also known as Kat, is a main character in the first She hates her real life and used the Internet for means of escapism, such as writing graphic fanfiction. a reference to Casper the Friendly Ghost. Kat.

After the success of the comics, Casper began popping up in cartoons and later the live-action movie we all adore today. Unlike other mystical ghosts, Casper isn’t scary or malicious. As his name describes, he’s a friendly ghost who just wants human interaction. The movie and the comics reveal little details about his former life, so we gathered what we could to find these 10 facts about Casper’s backstory.

In the movie, we learn early on that Casper never really knew his mother. Kat also admits that she’s beginning to forget what her mother was like as well. As it turns out, TV Over Mind notes that Casper’s mom died during child labor, leaving her husband to care for Casper alone. Later on, we see Casper helping Kat go through the attic for something to wear to her Halloween party, as she begins trying on his mother’s clothes.

It’s clear that rummaging through his old pre-ghost things stirred up a few emotions for the adorable ghost and he begins to remember more about his past. We don’t hear much about Casper’s life with his dad but being a single dad after losing your wife cannot be easy. Following the entry above, while Casper is helping Kat find a dress, he remembers how he died. After begging his dad for a sled, he spent all day and night outside in the snow — even though his father asked him to come in.

Come nightfall, Casper got sick and his dad got “sad. Knowing how sad his dad was after losing his mom and now his son, Casper decided to stay with him as a ghost instead of crossing over so that his dad wasn’t lonely.

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Kat insists that it’s not a date, while Casper insists just as stubbornly that it is. They spend much of the episode going “Is so not!” — “Is so too!” back and forth at​.

View Badges! Casper gallery. Latest Gallery Contributors. Cyanscribe 22 Deviations Featured: Casper’s fear. You MUST ask permission from the authors first. It was a beautiful fall afternoon, the sun shining through the autumn leaves made the colors pop in a variety of shades ranging from reds, yellows, oranges, and browns. A gentle breeze swept through the field as I looked after my livestock.

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“Thank you so much dad!” Kat said, jumping over the table to hug him. “Do you really think I’ll get a date?” she asked after she released her father.

Update : I decided I’d go through this story and do some heavy-duty remodeling! Don’t worry, I don’t plan to change anything, just enhance and fix it! It’s been a long time While life in Whipstaff manor was never really normal, it always had a sort of routine. You woke up, attempted to eat breakfast before three of the four resident ghosts interrupted you rudely, and then you left to go to school or work.

This day, though, was slightly different, for it was an important day for a certain member of the Harvey family. The tranquil silence of the morning was broken by a sharp shrill of a cry. A feminine expression of frustration that rang it’s way through the halls and seeped outside.

Casper kat dating fanfiction

The Spooktacular New Adventures of Casper is a — animated television spin-off of the feature film Casper , which, in turn, was based on the Harvey Comics cartoon character of Casper the Friendly Ghost. The producers then decided to abandon the live-action sequel ideas and instead developed this cartoon series to continue the story. The show aired on Fox Kids television from — for 3 seasons.

Kat insists that it’s not a date, while Casper insists just as stubbornly that it is. They spend much of the episode going “Is so not!” — “Is so too!” back and forth at​.

This article has been identified as a Stub , meaning that this page is lacking in necessary information. You can help out Euphoria Wiki by expanding it to improve the quality. Katherine Hernandez , also known as Kat, is a main character in the first season of Euphoria. While at Maddy’s house with her and BB, Kat tries to help Maddy get over her breakup with Nate Jacobs by calling him a loser and telling her that she needs to hook up with someone else to take her mind off him; however, after BB teases Kat over being a virgin herself, she goes quiet.

Seeing this, Maddy tells BB to stop before the three are interrupted by Maddy’s father, who quickly shuts the door after Maddy shouts at him. At the party, Kat is pressured into having sex with a St. Mary’s student named Wes. Afterwards, Kat discovers that a video of her hookup with Wes had been uploaded and put up for the world to see. After she threatens to go to the police, Troy agrees to tell everyone that she wasn’t in the video.

Later on, Kat is called down by Principal Hayes , who Kat accuses of body shaming in order to make him backpedal and retract his suspicions that she was the one in the video. Kat is initially noted to be sardonic, self conscious and shy. She hates her real life and used the Internet for means of escapism, such as writing graphic fanfiction.

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